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This whole DST thing is KILLING me. I'm so tired, and it really isn't just an hour's worth of tired, either. Hope I'm not coming down with something.


I'm also frustrated. I worked today, my long day, just fine. I was able to put in long chunks of time without stopping, which is neither here nor there, but I rather enjoy doing it, when the work allows.

But the hubby is getting weirdly obsessive about the idea of making a Walking Desk for me. He's bough the keyboard and monitor and track ball, and is now scanning Craig's List for a treadmill. Which is fine. When he's not working or preparing for work, he's mostly alone and tends to get a tad... odd. He really wants to do this awesome thing for me, to the point that he called his brother to go with me to the other side of town (during rush hour) to look at a treadmill that is an excellent brand at a good price.

But the drive would be three hours for teh whole trip at rush hour, and the kiddos were just getting home from school and... basically, neither I nor the BIL wanted to do that. I think he was frustrated with us, and he's still not really feeling well. Poor lamb.

I would like the walking desk, I think. The worst thing about this job is the requirement to sit all the time. But I'm tired and it's rush hour and it's raining.


AND THEN... Remember the writing group that I loved from my college days because all teh people in it were awesome, and there were a couple of twin transsexuals who were just OCD enough to catch teh tiniest of punctuation errors? Remember how their OCD got progressively worse, so tha they couldn't read anything containing spiders, vomit, paganism, gods or goddesses, sex of any variety but especially even a hint of homosexuality... and a list of other things?

Well, that sucked, because they more or less won't even be able to read teh sequel to the novel I'm writing, because of the whole gods thing. There is a god in this story, and he is not very nice (analyze that all you like), but he isn't really part of the story until the second book (which I have a draft of already, but that's all).

Well, the twins just read my story Emergency Chocolate, which I wrote as a gift to the world at large and have no intention of selling, anyway. They emailed me to say that they read it but hadn't given feedback on it because it really bothered them that the character semi-deliberately poisoned her roommate.


These guys have written torture scenes and stuff. Nothing beyond the pale, mind you (not like mister 40-page rape/skinning scene from the Writing Group From Hell). Up to this point, anyone who has mentioned it at all has said that part of my story made them laugh out loud. Because, yes, I played a near-homicide for laughs.

So, I'm sad and frustrated that I'm probably not going to be able to quid pro quo the writing with them any more. :( I hate the idea of my writing causing them discomfort, and it's frustrating that the rules seem to be changing as we go.

Since I tend to gravitate toward people with interesting and atypical perspectives, it's only natural that sometimes the atypicality will become inconvenient sometimes.

But it's still frustrating. :P
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But I managed to get my hours in AND I chaptered, so it isn't all bad. :P I was hoping to have some time to polish up some HMOWK, too, but I guess that will hold until after work tomorrow.

That is all.
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My smart phone has a brain. I know this because it apparently has epilepsy. Most of the time it's fine, and then it has a seizure and is just all over the place. One of its fits interrupted a call with [ profile] hominysnark this evening.

A nice reboot or battery-removal/shutdown/restart every so often seems to put it to rights, but heaven only knows how long that will last.


I keep feeling like I've forgotten or misplaced something, but what it is that my Beloved is not here. I miss him quite intensely. It's almost comical.

We will have been married 20 years this year, and I still get twitchy if I can't touch him. Just to be able to walk into the next room and hug him would be fabulous. But, he will come home for a visit in the next few weeks, I hope. *sigh*


The boys encouraged me to have people over, so Sunday night I had my friend W. over, while her beau (my BIL) played video games with my progeny. I finally got her to watch "The Great Game" and was gratified when she said it was much better than the other two episodes (which she liked okay), and made her want to watch more. So I've infected another one. :D

Also, some of you may know that [ profile] splix (a BNF from TPM fandom as well as various Viggo Mortensen and Sean Bean centered fandoms) is now a well and truly converted fan of The Bandersnatch, but did you know she started a community called [ profile] cumberbatch_fic?

Well, she has. :)


I'm trying rally hard not to be too political, but this Jezebel headline was just too funny:

Rush Limbaugh Continues to Insatiably Screw Self as 12th Sponsor Flees


Not that I think this will succeed in shutting his flap, but it is kind of funny to watch him dig the hole he's in even deeper. With his tongue. And then have the nerve to look surprised about it.

I don't know. The world may be changing. I hope that the high level of guano-crazy that has infiltrated what passes for national discourse in America lately may be enough for the sane and reasonable among us to stand up and hit the brakes. If it doesn't happen soon, we may be in need of an American Spring.
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... is what I should have called my recent story. Eh, hindsight.

But what's cool is that a good friend set up a lovely Wordpress journal just for it. It really is lovely to look at over there.

Be Thine Own Palace or The World's Thy Prison.
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I'm sharing this because I think it is a very intelligent deconstruction of the Republican party process right now. Also, it is funny.

Politics in this country... Well, you either laugh or you cry, and I'm not much of a crier. :P I honestly hope Santorum wins, though. He's honest. Not that Romney is dishonest, per se, but his rhetoric is very different now than when he was running for governor of Massachusetts. Like day and night on key policy issues, a la John McCain. (Both were very reasonable moderates, based on what they said and how they voted, until they were running for the Republican Nomination.

I'm kind of sad that Huntsman was never a serious contender. I probably would not have voted for him, but he did not strike me as a zealot (Santorum), a deliberately evasive, semi-slimy maneuverer (Romney), or an idiot (Gingrich). Ron Paul is too up in my bizness (as a woman) for me to take his libertarianism seriously. Government large enough to legislate what happens in every woman's uterus is, well, NOT SMALL, is all I'm saying.

I will do my best not to think about politics, ever again. :P Too depressing.


In other news, I did manage to get about half of my NewYears/Valentines story typed up from the hand-written draft. It's pretty solid. Maybe I'll get it finished tomorrow.


There's an Oscar Party, and I'm going. Won't stay until it's over because of work and all that, and won't drink because I'll have to drive home. But still. Party. With real adult friends. :)
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In a New Year's Story that is a bit late? It has a tiny dribble of romance in it, so I guess it wouldn't be out of place for a Valentine's Day Gift.

My plan was to write a story for my friends and give it away, or post it somewhere I can link people to it. It's kind of a humor thing, so not the typical type of story that gets posted here.

Or will you all be out snuggling with your S.O.s and won't mind one way or the other?

(Guess I'm a tad maudlin on account of my Beloved being hundreds of miles away. :P )
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A lovely link, with a quote from The Prestige. This image contains spoilers for The Reichenbach Fall.

I'm going to force my husband to watch Sherlock, series two so I can bore him with my elaborate theories. :D He's at loose ends in NOLA, so he's game for it. Poor duckie, even hundreds of miles away he still spends his free time indulging me.


Had a breakthrough on the next chapter, which will also help me re-write chapter 4, which is a mess. Yay!

If all of writing was like that moment when your waking mind realizes that your subconscious has laid Easter Eggs all through your manuscript, it would be more fun. Though re-writing can be like unwrapping presents you don't remember buying for yourself, which is also fun.

I admit it. I like re-writing better than first drafting. I probably first-drafted incorrectly, though.


I might have to take a break and write some smut, though. Any requests? >:D
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They've had me training on a really tough project all day, both days this week. The time has not been flying, partly because I can't get up and work when I usually did, because I'm on my own and getting the manlets up and out to school. So it's after 8:30 when I can sign in and get to it.

I usually finish up my hours just in time for the Big Boy to get home.

I like when I get to switch between projects more, but I also like the lack of speed pressure when learning a new project. When you're logged into training, it doesn't affect your production numbers.

I am really bored, though.

Talked with my Beloved on Skype. That was nice.
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Didn't sleep well the first night without my Beloved, but I nailed the getting the kids to school and getting my work done and buying groceries and all.

Sleep was fitful and full of strangeness. Like, walking into my bathroom and interrupting famous people on the toilet strange. Then tweeting about it. (In the dream. If Christopher Walken ever drops by to make a bobo in my master bath, I can say with some assurance I would not tweet about it.)


Speaking of famous people, I walked past a real silver fox in the grocery store. He had more than a passing resemblance to Rupert Graves.

But I can't dream about Rupert Graves, Oh no. Because my subconscious does not like me that much. I get one of the top two creepiest actors ever, creating an unpleasant atmosphere in bathroom. :P
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I worked about three hours overtime, which, added to the other few I worked earlier in the week, means I only have to work 7.5 tomorrow and 5.5 hours on Saturday (those are regularly scheduled hours) to have my 46 hour work week in.

AND I wrote my 1000 ^$#@!! words.

AND!!! I did it all after having my eyes dilated. That's right! I saw my eye doctor for the first time in over two years. He didn't even bother trying to update my prescription because, as I suspected, my left lens implant has grown a rather healthy coating of goo. Here is an explanation of the procedure I need. I will be going in for it in November. The right eye was done about three years ago, so after this, that will be it.

It's been tough, because my left eye is my dominant eye, so the clouded capsule has made it much harder to see than when my right one clouded over. Well, it'll be done soon. The last surgery cost me $500.00 after insurance, but they let you pay it off on installments, so that shouldn't put too big a dent in the budget.

Three weeks after that, they will do the follow up exam and glasses exam at the same time.


Oh, and if any of you are in the Atlanta area on teh 29th, there is going to be a crazy fun party here. With costumes and such. Fun, fun.


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