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The hubby was home for three weeks. It was great. He did all kinds of stuff and really took the pressure off me. We had Robert's BFF who now lives in WA. come for two weeks or so, too. And now school is back in session.

I am hopeful that I'll be able to get my final revisions done on the novel a little more easily since the kiddos will be in school during the day.


Politics. Oh God.

My husband's middle brother visited from Florida last week. It was GREAT because I got to see my wee nieces who always greet me like a rock star. They are so cute and funny! They got me laughing so hard I almost wet myself. :)

But it was also bad because I always wonder what crap my in-laws are going to start spewing from Fox News. This time it was the Muslim Brotherhood Menace. It came up because they were talking about how Canada is doing better with jobs than we are, and wondering how hard it would be to go to Canada for a job. (My husband's youngest brother just got his degree, so, you know, it was relevant.) I said I knew it had been hard for my doctor friend to sort out her employment up there, but mostly because of special rules about certain positions which are funded by the government, and all countries are careful about giving certain types of government jobs to foreigners. But evidently our government is now overrun with Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators. Because Michelle Bachman said so. I don't think they knew that John McCain had basically told her off about some portion of her unsupported fear-mongering. I found somewhere else to be for a bit, with "Exhuming McCarthy" playing in my head. :P


I think the next few months may kill me. I was relatively indifferent to Romney (he's changed his policies often enough that it's hard to say what he'll do for sure if he wins), but I think Paul Ryan may have been grown in tank by a right wing extremest/mad scientist, his soulless flesh nourished to adulthood on a slurry of Ayn Rand novels and impoverished children's tears. Good GOD.


Someone on Tumblr made this and it found its way to Facebook, where I fell in love with it:


I may just have to leave FB and stare at this image until mid-November. :P


My sweet Stefano had some sort of recurrence of that infected tail bite from June. I took him to the vet and he had a fever. He's on antibiotics now and his fever is down. Poor woobie. It happened right after his neutering, so I though the swelling had to do with that. The bite had healed over and the hair had grown back, even. Now his tail is shaved and I have to push medicine down his throat, but at least he seems to feel better. He stays with me all the time, so I don't get lonesome and can pet him frequently.


While my Beloved was home, he bought me some new Nike Frees and upgraded my phone. It's all shiny now. We took the gang to see the Batman movie.I also got a haircut:
picture below cut )

It was about time for something drastic, and I'm happy with it. Also, probably lighter. It looks good with my glasses, too.


In general I'm grumptastic. I guess that's normal with the hubby having gone and all. A cool friend from work and I are having lunch Thursday, so that is something to look forward to. I've just got to push through this ennui. I bought groceries in the rain. It was fun.


Watched a bit of True Love, which I think would have been more appropriately called Variations on Romantic Misery. Not the best diversion for me at the mo. :P


I'm up for any Sherlock fanfiction recs you guys want to throw my way, if you think of some. It would be diverting. :)
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This whole DST thing is KILLING me. I'm so tired, and it really isn't just an hour's worth of tired, either. Hope I'm not coming down with something.


I'm also frustrated. I worked today, my long day, just fine. I was able to put in long chunks of time without stopping, which is neither here nor there, but I rather enjoy doing it, when the work allows.

But the hubby is getting weirdly obsessive about the idea of making a Walking Desk for me. He's bough the keyboard and monitor and track ball, and is now scanning Craig's List for a treadmill. Which is fine. When he's not working or preparing for work, he's mostly alone and tends to get a tad... odd. He really wants to do this awesome thing for me, to the point that he called his brother to go with me to the other side of town (during rush hour) to look at a treadmill that is an excellent brand at a good price.

But the drive would be three hours for teh whole trip at rush hour, and the kiddos were just getting home from school and... basically, neither I nor the BIL wanted to do that. I think he was frustrated with us, and he's still not really feeling well. Poor lamb.

I would like the walking desk, I think. The worst thing about this job is the requirement to sit all the time. But I'm tired and it's rush hour and it's raining.


AND THEN... Remember the writing group that I loved from my college days because all teh people in it were awesome, and there were a couple of twin transsexuals who were just OCD enough to catch teh tiniest of punctuation errors? Remember how their OCD got progressively worse, so tha they couldn't read anything containing spiders, vomit, paganism, gods or goddesses, sex of any variety but especially even a hint of homosexuality... and a list of other things?

Well, that sucked, because they more or less won't even be able to read teh sequel to the novel I'm writing, because of the whole gods thing. There is a god in this story, and he is not very nice (analyze that all you like), but he isn't really part of the story until the second book (which I have a draft of already, but that's all).

Well, the twins just read my story Emergency Chocolate, which I wrote as a gift to the world at large and have no intention of selling, anyway. They emailed me to say that they read it but hadn't given feedback on it because it really bothered them that the character semi-deliberately poisoned her roommate.


These guys have written torture scenes and stuff. Nothing beyond the pale, mind you (not like mister 40-page rape/skinning scene from the Writing Group From Hell). Up to this point, anyone who has mentioned it at all has said that part of my story made them laugh out loud. Because, yes, I played a near-homicide for laughs.

So, I'm sad and frustrated that I'm probably not going to be able to quid pro quo the writing with them any more. :( I hate the idea of my writing causing them discomfort, and it's frustrating that the rules seem to be changing as we go.

Since I tend to gravitate toward people with interesting and atypical perspectives, it's only natural that sometimes the atypicality will become inconvenient sometimes.

But it's still frustrating. :P
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The hubby says I've been quiet today, and I suppose it's true. (His actual word was "subdued.") I think it was mostly because I realized that nearly all our pictures of my mom are in storage. We didn't think we'd be here this long.

I don't know. I miss my mother. We were always close, and I really don't expect to ever stop missing her.

Our terabyte array on the family computer had a drive fail this week, and a second drive said it failed but we revived it long enough to copy most of our data over. We swapped out the array for a simple huge hard drive, which means no onsite data recovery. So we signed up for internet-based back up, and move all our digital photos and stuff to Picasa.

Then I went through today and organized them all by person, using their face recognition software, which was actually pretty good, considering.

It was a big job, so that is my Thing today.

There are other things I've been putting off that I need to get to soon, like finishing up my transcript of an author interview I did ... a month ago now. *wince*

Also, I broke a nail so now I have a good excuse to cut all of my fingernails short again. :) I like doing that every so often, for the novelty of it.


My laptop was trying to crack at teh hinge, but the hubby fixed it because he's magic like that. :) We had to go Lowe's for some stuff to fix it, and walking around made me think of when we had a house to do all kinds of home improvement projects on. I can't say I miss that aspect of it, but we did not intend to be renters this long. It's much easier to rent, though.


My friend Mer gave me two tomato caterpillars for the boys to look after. She thought they would think it was cool. So far, I'm the only one who will touch/feed them, and one of them doesn't seem to be eating. :P It is alive, but smaller and generally not looking as healthy. *sigh*
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The writing circle went really well. Of the pieces we discussed, all were competent (at the very least) and two were well-written (but not so stunning that they seemed to have no need of a group). In other words, we were there to learn, all of us -- to get reactions and see how we were doing. (Well, except for one guy, fresh from Afghanistan with a hard mil scifi epic under his arm, which he described as an AK47 while telling me my story was more about feelings (from the three paragraphs I read aloud as a refresher, since he had *just* joined and had not received any of our work in advance).

That really amused me. I was less amused by the nice organizer, who came dubiously to my defense saying that we all have different styles, from Hemingway to Joan Collins. (I got the impression she preferred Hemingway, whom I only read when I could not avoid it for coursework, and whose stories tended to bore me until we got to the "thematic dissection" phase of lit class on them. I confess I really enjoyed Freudian criticism of his work, and not because I thought it had much validity.) I have never read Joan Collins, but I suspect she uses adjectives and adverbs. I try to avoid adverbs, but have no issue with adjectives, as long as they are not overused. (I mean, really? Adjectives are bad, now?) I probably have a higher tolerance for adjectives than the group's leader.

In any case, not having read any Collins, I wasn't sure how to take the comparison. Except I'm very glad not to be like Hemingway. SRSLY.


Had a long talk with [ profile] hominysnark afterward. She asked incisive questions. Considering my past writing group experiences (crazy stalker men, sulky teens, early stage ESOL folks, and one guy who shoved a shotgun full of commas and shot his manuscript with it repeatedly), I was glad that the subs didn't suck and that no one was mean or creepy to me or anyone else.

So, when she said, "But will this group help you do what you want to do?" I had to think about it.
Details below the cut to spare the disinterested. )

It was good to realize, yet again, that I can take criticism, and even better to realize that I can distinguish what is useful and incisive from what is personal taste, even when the critter cannot. So, baby steps.


Also, I am about to turn 41, and have finally reached the place in my life where I really don't give a flying fig whether everyone 'likes' me. Not everyone is going to like me, and it's not my job to make them. Life is too short for that crap.


My Beloved brought me a homemade waffle plate with blueberry compote in bed. (All of it he made from scratch, using fresh blueberries a co-worker picked and gave him.) Then he let me go back to sleep. When I woke up, he took me shopping for new summer dresses (my choice, since my birthday is this week). Hooray for Macy's One Day Sale. Once again I ended up with dark colors, but they are comfy like pajamas and look nice.

I am the luckiest beeyotch in Christendom.
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Mardi Gras was fun for me, though I did not stay downtown for much of the parades and drinking. It was terribly cold downtown and very windy. I was surprised to find that Uptown is actually warmer than the French Quarter. I don not know what that is, but downtown I could not stop shivering and slowly could not feel my feet, but Uptown I found it a lovely day.

My Beloved and my boys and I bought some bread and went to our favorite duck-feeding spot in teh park, and it was utterly lovely. Not what most would consider a typical Mardi Gras experience, but for me it was utterly lovely. Besides, not being Catholic I have no need to give up anything for Lent. So, I have no drive to over-indulge in anything Fat Tuesday.

But watching part of the Zulu parade from a giant fifth floor window was nice, though it was still very cold.


Now to the lame part. I've essentially had nothing to put up for several days, and so I've been posting wee articles about random things that interest me, and probably only me, which is bad. Still , I'm happy to share "Fear of the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs Keynes rap anthem, a video that is a lot more fun than it has any right to be.


My stats for this morning on the writing front:

It came pretty well. Still needs refinement, but first drafts usually do, I reckon. (Maybe the folksy thing doesn't work for me so well. heh.)

Total progress:
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I have had a lot going on this weekend, what with my anniversary and my Beloved's birthday and all. (I totally scored the best pressie I've managed to get him in years -- he's so picky and usually has to pick out his own stuff.

But I got him. I think he suspected all along what it was, but still. I got him something that a) he wanted and b)he had not bought himself. It was a pocket watch with big magnifying lenses on either side that made it spherical, so it can sit on your desk like a paper weight. Pricey, but sooo worth it for the look on his face.


Over at GC today we have the next in Amalia the Savage's Letters series A Letter from Pollux, Another Not-Yet-Of Troy Story. I love having these fiction/articles of Amalia's to post, because it seems right in the spirit of NaNoWriMo. I hope to have the Halloween pictures up today or tomorrow as well.
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Finally we have some Star Wars stuff up on GC! [ profile] abrynne's post, Star Wars The Old Republic - It's a Big Universe Out There" touches on the annoying fact that much of the Star Wars extended universe is more narratively satisfying than some of Star Wars films. *sigh* But we love them anyway.

Also, I realized the Forum was set to show only the first ten posts of any topic. *headdesk, repeatedly* I fixed it easily enough, and only three posts (not counting my repeated attempts to make a single post show up) had been hidden, so hopefully no one was miffed.



Now to get to the Five Words Meme:

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" in the comments and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

Here are my five words as provided by [ profile] narniadear:

Five Words )
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I was so worried. I'm sure you all know Angry Cat by now, from my frequent use of him in Birthday greetings. He slipped out the garage door (I suppose the door between the house and garage had closed fully, because he's good at clawing it open if it doesn't catch) and out into the night when we got home Friday night/early Saturday. We tried to get him back in but he ran and we lost him in the shadows. It has happened before, but he's always been desperate to get back in after a short while.

I spent most of Saturday looking for him, checking the storm drains and side streets. Wee Boy went with a friend and his family to the pool, but ended up walking home crying. Poor woobie. After years of harassing the cat with too much affection, Wee Boy has finally got the hang of being good to the cat. They have actually grown quite close recently.

Then it rained really hard in the early evening, and I went to the front room where it's quiet to call the animal shelter and my sister (I knew she would understand my fear, and my need to put a brave face on for the kids). I'd just hung up when I thought I heard a meow. A moment passed and heard scratching, opened the door and in came my big, bedraggled fuzzy baby. Wee Boy's friend Jake immediately told us all "I TOLD you he'd come back when it started to rain!"

Such a relief not to need those fliers after all.


Had a nice weekend with the hubby otherwise. It was fun to cook good meals and feed him for a change. I went rather wild on the fruit at the grocery store Friday, so I threw a few raspberries in my banana/strawberry smoothie. It was yummy. Now I'm having raspberries with the chocolate drizzle that was left over from the bonbons I made for the party.

I even got in over 3000 words this morning while everyone was asleep.

Life is good.
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I was stressing a bit over the social aspects of the whole company picnic/crawfish boil thing. (I like crawfish -- who knew big nasty mud bugs could taste so yummy?) Of course, being the boss's wife means no one is likely to be terribly honest about their first impressions, but...

A couple of people accused my Beloved of robbing the cradle. O_O I'm a little more than a year older than he is, but the consensus put me at about nine years younger than I am. They thought I'd started birthin' them babies right out of high school, I guess.

So when the sales lady teased my darling about robbing the cradle, he confessed that I am a tad older than he is. She started quizzing him on my beauty regimen. *snerfle*

So I may not have made a good impression on a personal level (and will likely never know, either way), but they thought I was younger. I'll take it. ;)


Spent yesterday putting together Big Boy's Zombie Movie. It's all done except for the credits sequence, which I'll be working on today. I know I've done that section in the book, but I'm a little fuzzy on the exact procedure. I'm sure I'll manage. If I get it completed as quickly as I hope to, maybe I'll post it here. :) He was so excited to work with me on it yesterday! I really need to give him a tutorial on the software.
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Working my way through the Hands On Training manual for Premiere Pro 2 made me lose track of time, so by 3pm I was ravenous.

I grabbed the nearest, easiest thing, which was one of those wee microwavable bowls of lasagna. You know, the kind with the ring and the peel-back lid tat you put a vented plastic top onto and then cook it in the microwave? Just a bite of pasta to quell the hungries and still not spoil my dinner.

Well, the ring came off, so I had to use a can opener to get it the rest of the way open. But he can opener cut a tiny string of metal off the rim, just beside where it should have opened with the ring. Not thinking, I grabbed this tiny filament to tear it off.

It cut three of my fingers. Ouch.

So, I curse and put my fingers under running water, marveling at the straight little lines cut across my flesh. One corner bled a tiny bit, was all, but my Beloved had come running when I cried out. I thought I was cut pretty badly, because it was a bit of metal the width of a hair, and I hadn't broken it.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I just cut my fingers good, being an idiot." I was giggling about it.

"Why is your hand blue?" He said. "Especially your thumb. Look at that."

"Maybe the color rubbed off my new jeans." I grabbed the nob to turn off the water, and realized there was something wrong with the angle between my body and the counter top. "Oh! catch me!"

I really said that. "Oh! Catch me!" Heh. My Beloved did, in fact, catch me, and eased me down to the floor and propped my feet in a chair. All my fingers and the thumb portion of my palm were blue-gray. It was like the zombie hand in that movie, only not trying to kill me.

He cooked my snack and had me hold the cup in my ever-bluer hand, then helped me up and started looking it up on the Internet. When it didn't get better after a bit, I called my BFF (who is a physician). She was quite kind. Basically, my arteries were doing that thing they do when there is severe blood loss -- they just kind of close up to prevent you from bleeding to death, even though I hadn't bled more than a drop. Evidently, pain receptors can trigger it, too. It's a form of Raynaud's phenomenon, apparently.

So... Today I got a case of Blue Hand and nearly passed out from what amounted to a Really Ouchie Paper Cut.

How was YOUR day?
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