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So, Big Boy had a different idea for his "book trailer" but they said it should have a cliffhanger and make people want to read the book, so he went for the ultra-creepy Man-Jack-coming-to-kill-Bod-as-a-toddler intro. I think it's effective.

My friend Anne provided the vocals. The song is from the book, and serves as an outline for the plot. She sang it for me twice, once to All the Pretty Little Horses and once to Fear a Bhata. My son liked the first half of one and the second half of the other, so I cut them together for him, but he did all the editing. (I consulted occasionally, when he needed help figuring out how to do something, or find a particular clip.)

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Now that I am employed for real and can take time off if I need to for, I dunno, my birthday or something, I feel a bit more like I can plan for things.


I am also now not in a city over 800 miles from the nearest one that was showing it on its last run (though GOK when/where it will be showing, since it is still way too early for tickets to be on sale).

This time, I swear, nothing short of a serious, protracted illness or death will prevent me from seeing this. TWICE.

Here's the original trailer:

Danny Boyle, you magnificent bastard.


The writing of my short story went so quickly (when I actually had time to dedicate to it) and turned out so well (if I dare say so myself - but feel free to check it out yourself) that I am reconsidering my work routine. Note cards - pen and paper - typing/revision = DONE ... might just be the equation for me.

Pen and paper just feels more organic for the creation phase, and typing feels right for the revision stuff. I will continue my experiments and report my findings.


In other news, there is a writing group nearby that does the "come in and read aloud" thing. I avoided it because, well, that kind of thing isn't a good measure of writing, to me. A poorly-written piece can be performed well, and a well-written piece can blow like crazy if you're spitting cotton. Still, part of me wants to give it a go.
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Just squeaking this under the wire.

See, my friend [ profile] narniadear and I decided to do a Thing every day in May. Like, we're going to make something. It doesn't matter what. Just a Thing.

My son William has been plucking flowers off the flowering thing by the balcony and and letting them drop, spinning, to the ground. It looked really cool to me, so I tried to get it on video. (Note the "try" there.) Also, no worries about the flowering thing -- it blossoms continuously from March until December, and always has plenty to spare.

Here it is, my Thing:

I'm aware it's crap, but it's a Thing I made, so it counts. Also, check this out:

Hopefully, I'll get better.
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Last night I had a chat with my BFF, and she was much more excited about this whole "finished a draft" thing than I am. I think it's probably because I understand how much work it still needs, and am mentally in a space of dealing with the specific issues, while she is far enough back to see the big picture. (Finishing something like this is huge for me -- I know this intellectually-- but it doesn't feel important right now.) I mean, I can foresee a time when I will relax and be pleased with myself, but I'm not sure when I will spontaneously feel like celebrating, is all. I mostly wrestled with worries over word count and the like. (It's too long, isn't it? Will my revisions cut it down, or will I end up cutting it in two? Yadda Yadda)

She kept saying something like, "It's an exciting time to be you!" *grin* I can see where she's coming from with that, but I am not particularly excited to be me at the moment. *shrug*

I dreamed that I was at a party and somehow David Bowie was seated at my table, just across from me. It was awkward. Someone kept telling him that it was an exciting time to be me, and he seemed about to compose a song, sort of like that awful scene in Extras:

But it turned out okay. He was actually very kind, and I thanked him for all his awesome music and got all weepy, but in a good way. Sort of. I'd say it was more like Troy and Levar Burton:


I talked with my wise reader Saturday night (after attending the Caesar parade and coming home staggering under the weight of the beads I caught - I don't flash, and I have never seen anyone flash at any of the dozens of Mardi Gras parades I've been to). In any case, she liked the ending. I was afraid it was too optimistic -- I had been inclined toward a darker ending at one point -- but she thought it showed the character arc better this way. I hope the story shows Lethe getting stronger, or finding her strength (and choosing to express that strength in non-violent ways, even though, for her, violence is an option). She also expressed tremendous affection for the sisterly relations between Lethe and Selah, which pleased me a lot, and Selah as a vivid 13 year old girl, which made me very happy. I know I've got somethings wrong, but I was glad that the female relationships were solid.

I have little bits of secondary character POVs scattered through the thing, though, and I'm not entirely certain how to deal with them. I'm going to merge two of them into one character, and nix the POV of a third entirely. There is a fourth that I might be able to cut, though it sets up the subplot very nicely. (See, I'm into the nuts and bolts of it, and I like being here. It feels natural -- more natural than the writing did in the first place, half the time. So, I'm hopeful.)


Another good friend has started writing for GC, and I'm excited about it. She blogs elsewhere as The Insect Advocate, and has written several nonfiction articles as a freelance writer. Also, I enjoy her poetry, which has had some success. I'm rather a fan, actually, and feel a bit unworthy of her stated intention to write something for GC every week as an exercise to keep her hand in. I really have so many wonderful people in my life, who are apparently quite irrationally fond of me. I do not feel deserving of their regard. To be honest, I'm rather in awe of it.

In any case, check out her little snippet, Hexapod Haiku Poetry Contest.
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I used my favorite recording of "My Funny Valentine." It's a very young Chet Baker, who was never known for his great voice, and it is very slow and jazzy but Baker doesn't play the horn on the track at all, so I have no idea why I like it so much, but I do.

It all started because I was looking for a video using this recording YouTube, and I couldn't find a single one. So I said, "I'll just make one!" I went through all of my saved digital files and nothing seemed really appropriate, until I found The King and the Clown (also known as The King's Men, or The King's Man). It's about a troop of street performers who are arrested for mocking the king, and the leader bets their lives that they can make the king laugh. They succeed, and become his in-house entertainment. Which is fine until it becomes apparent that he's nuts, and also half in love with Gong-Gil, the pretty young boy who plays the female parts, played by Lee Jun Ki. The leader of the troop and Gong-Gil ran away from their last troop because the owner was prostituting Gong-Gil to line his pockets, so there film is full of angst and simmering romance.

Also, it's very bloody, and bad things happen. (Hey, it's Korean.)

I think I snatched every reasonably happy scene in this film, and some of them I had to slow down (both to fit the pacing of the song and to stretch the happy, because there is very little of it in this thing).

Still, I love the movie to little crunchy pieces. (A HUGE thank you to [ profile] micehell for sharing it with me.) I also really, really love the gorgeous Lee Jun Ki, who is way prettier than me. (I could eat his face right off.)

The video is narratively not as good as it could be, and I was using Windows Moviemaker, so there wasn't a lot of flexibility with effects and things, but I'm still pretty pleased with it.

So, Happy Valentine's Day, one day late:

AAAaannd DivShare is being a bitch. I had to put in a customer service query to get the video to work, and the embed code seems to be broken. At least, it isn't working.

So here is the direct link. OI!

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Here are a couple of Korean cable channel trailers for Sherlock (the first is my favorite, the second is just too cheesy). However, this is a cable channel, I think this a bromance gimmick and not an indicator that Koreans are slash-obsessed.


In honor of my eldest son's surrealist short story "The Floor is Lava" being up fro publication in his school's literary mag, I give you this:


I watched Jekyll this week, and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Well, until the something-jumps-out-at-you coda, and the painfully snigger-worthy American accents, but it's still better than 90% of American television.)


I also posted some Some Awesome Videos by Geek Femmes over at GC.

I missed pimping it by a few days, but there is also Nightsky's 25 years after Challenger which is more than worth a look.


Still trying to work myself up to making something myself. I want a personality transplant.


Also, if you haven't friended [ profile] angrybeige, I sincerely suggest that you do. Her Sherlock comics are totally cracked.
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So much going on, from all sides. Here's a short list:

1. Sister rolled her SUV on the ice yesterday. She drives a longish way over twisty mountain roads to work every day, and the accident happened on the way home last night. While dangling upside down form her seatbelt, she collected her phone and computer before exiting the vehicle. *snrk* Those are some familiar priorities. She's okay. Possible mild concussion, but they checked her out in the hospital.

2. Some nutter shot a democratic congresswoman in Arizona, one who had been targeted (with actual little target symbols) by certain elements prominent in conservative circles. I blame the disturbed individual who pulled the trigger (18 people were injured, six known to be dead). But I cannot help thinking that this is exactly the sort of thing that happens when the rhetoric gets as radical as it has in recent years. I am... vexed.

3. Finally got around to consuming the entirety of the BBC The Office. Both series and the special. Found it oddly... infuriating isn't the word I'm after. Pretty sure I just don't fully appreciate Ricky Gervais, am not capable of it. He was funny, and all, but it was everyone else that really made me giggle. There were also a lot more sex jokes than in the American version, but that is no surprise.

4. I've also just discovered Black Books and Dylan Moran, which are both quite amusing. Black Books is kind of a one long drunk joke, and I'm only three episodes in, but I really enjoy Moran's stand-up. Here's a taste of it, ripping on Americans:

Also under the heading of Tousle-Headed Men Who Amuse Me, here's Josh Groban singing Kanye West's Tweets:

That's just too funny, and is right up there with James Van Der Memes for the self-deprecating humor, which is awesome.


The Funny helps with the ARGH, it really does.


Wee Boy tested today for entrance into the Lusher School, where his brother attends. I'm just sort of glad it's over. Whether or not he gets in, the pressure is off for now.


I'm over 100,000 words on my novel, right down to the climax. Then the Massive Edit of Editingness begins. I'm looking forward to that, because it will mean that I'm DONE with this draft. Almost there.
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I just posted a response on Facebook that was a masterpiece of saying what I meant without being offensive and hurting people's feelings. A lady I know posted a link to the Catholic Church's position on gay marriage. I knew she was nervous about outing herself as agreeing with it, so I was going to let it go. Then I realized silence implies agreement, and while I like this lady a lot, I do think it is important to speak up when you are as passionate about something as I am for the equal rights of sexual minorities. So this is what I said:

Song and dance of reconciliation that really was the best I could do. ) I can fight against an idea and a belief without hating people or institutions, even as I struggle against those institutions. Even if I think they are defending ideals that are stupid and irredeemable, they serve their purpose. Change is inevitable. That is very freeing.

Here's an interesting article on how to get a table at exclusive restaurants, relationships with service people and tipping. It's really interesting that his confidence increased as he went along. He paid for better treatment, then came to believe he deserved it, and still got it, even when he didn't pay for it.

Here's a video by George Takei that is awesome just because it's George Takei, who is awesome even when he says the word "douche bag" many times. I think it's The Voice.

Still, in closing, here is a talk called "Don't Be a Dick" to a skeptic society, sponsored by the James Randi Educational Foundation:

Phil Plait - Don't Be A Dick from JREF on Vimeo.

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First off, BoingBoing is crowdsourcing The Funny. That is awesome, and very amusing.

Jezebel reviews a book that makes me happy. Turns out all that 'women's brains are better/worse at X' is not supported by science.

Crazy video that my youngest is totally infatuated with but sounds a lot like conversations at our house sometimes. *snrk*


I've been reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics, and "Brief Lives" made me cry. My experience of comics is limited, I admit, but that never happened before.


Big Boy had a better day today. Yesterday he was monosyllabic and grumpy. Today he's just grumpy.


I'm losing weight. I started paying attention to what I eat... maybe a month ago or longer, and I've lost six or seven pounds. The first three or so came off quickly, but I think I'm averaging about a pound every ten days or so now. I think that is slow enough that my hair shouldn't fall out. (When Big Boy was weaned, back in the day, I dieted and worked out to lose my baby weight, and lost 40lbs in two months. Three months later, my hair was so thin it couldn't hold a clasp at the nape of my neck, and I had to cut it all off while the brand-new baby hair came in. Aside from being kind of dumb and unhealthy, it was darned inconvenient.)

I have not noticed a difference, but my Beloved says he has. *shrug* I just want to get back in my sexy clothes. ;) The good news is that it does not appear to be coming off my bust. *snork*


I had a great idea today, but it may be next week before I can make my idea a reality. I have to develop a process, see. ;) It may not have great results, but it will be fun. :)
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