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posted by [personal profile] asato_muraki at 05:25pm on 04/12/2013
So, I entered the Baker's Dozen Agent Auction over at Miss Snark's First Victim. There were 25 slots for adult fiction, and up to 200 submissions were accepted for those 25 slots. (Submissions were a logline and first 250 words.

I was all excited that I got in, because I thought, "Hey, my logline doesn't suck!"

How it works is, they put up the submissions that made the cut on November 29th. Everyone who got in had to critique a certain number of the submissions, but they were all open to internet criticism, too.

One of the perks for those who made the cut was a critique of your submission by a pro writer and an editor in your category (Adult, YA, or Mid-Grade). After they were open to critiques, I realized that the criticism didn't bother me. Like, I was honestly able to listen dispassionately. That was huge, but I didn't mention it because I didn't want to jinx it. Like, as soon as I said, "Wow, critique doesn't hurt me anymore!" I'd be dooming myself to a truly spectacular breakdown. ;)

Yesterday was the auction. How that works is that the minimum bid is 5 pages. Then bids must be 20 pages higher (at least) than the last bid, and you can't bid a full manuscript until there are at least five bids. I checked just before lunch, and was pleased to see the top bid was 50 pages. I refreshed once and saw that the high bid was now a full manuscript.

That felt nice. My Beloved took me to lunch, and when I came back, it turned out that there had been a bad bid (less than 20 pages more than a previous bid), so the moderator threw it out. This meant that the full bid was also invalid because there had not been 5 valid bids before it. Make sense? I was confused. I went to lunch thinking I'd be sending out a full MS and came back and it was down to 100 pages. But still pretty cool.

Then a third agent swooped in made the 5th bid and then bid for a full, to lock it up. This agent "won" the auction of my submission. It was odd, because I looked at her page and she doesn't list an interest in the scfi/speculative fiction genres. She does list urban fantasy, which you could call mine that, but it has no romantic tensions to speak of. (My protags both have romantic impairments.) But it's cool. Maybe she's branching out, or maybe she thinks my story might have a strong romantic subplot. Anyway, I get to send her a full MS, and she has a week long exclusive on it. I can still query the two others who bid on my story after the week is up.

My head feels asplode-y. I was not expecting that. It's not a deal, not an offer of representation or anything. But I guess it still feels validating. I had just said it was time to start querying. So.

I just compiled my 4th draft from Scrivener. It's 310 pages, and has some formatting issues. Guess I'll have to fix them fast. I'm just all O_o
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